Anyone here using #guix on top of another distro? I am playing around with the package manager and would like to read your opinions.


@juh i use and have used before on macOS, which worked well.

When you like the concept of Guix, you might like Nix too.

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@davidak I use Debian on desktop and notebook. Sometimes I would like to use a newer version of an application. So Guix (or Nix) might be the solution.

@juh unstable actually has the most up-to-date packages of all repositories.

We have a bot that is able to update many packages and manual updates are also simple most of the time. But we need more contributors. We have about 1000 package maintainers while debian has over 9000.

You can also use NixOS stable with some newer packages from unstable. That's how i do it.

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