The new design of the website is online! It is made by a professional designer and implemented by the NixOS marketing team. The landingpage is ready, the other pages will be redesigned in the next days.

You can follow the progress here:

@davidak ‘Professional’ as in ‘taking money for work’ not as in ‘with a track record of quality design’?

That landing page looks like a generic template with inconsistent adjustments.

@mastoabed it is a freelance designer and we payed for it. i don't know the quality of previous works.

it is a new design and implemented from ground up by us.

which inconsistencies do you mean specifically?

@davidak for example the most jarring inconsistency is using six styles of typefaces on one page which conveys mess/clutter.
If that was created by a professional then I assume there must be a damn good reason for it besides ‘I think that looks cool’.

It was done for marketing reasons, so 'I think it looks cool' is THE goal in itself.
And if you get a freelance designer whose job is probably to make 'generic corporate website' look cool, you get a cool 'generic corporate website'. Pretty much what you'd expect 🤷‍♂️


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