@ilpianista I was just searching for a client that could publish to both Twitter and Mastodon and Choqok looks the most likely. However, I do not run KDE and generally try to avoid installing any of the QT dependencies. That said, recently I've taken to digiKam via Flatpak. Is packing Choqok like this on the horizon? Thanks!

@salt i don't see how installing KDE dependencies 2 times in separate flatpaks is better than installing them once with the systems package manager

@davidak realistically, I'm trying to keep all non-system components outside of the package manager. I think this will lead me to NixOS before too long...

@salt non-system components like end-user software? you don't want to install them with your systems package manager? what is wrong with that? you will end up with the same dependencies multiple times in slightly different versions, but many outdated with security issues..... that will require more resources for no good reason

is nice for having a reliable base system using the stable channel and still selectively install the latest versions from unstable


@davidak @salt hey just wondering can I do this with pure flakes syntax?


@rothair i haven't tried flakes yet. since it might replace channels at some point, it is probably possible

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