From backpfeifengesicht to kummerspeck to fingerspitzengefühl, the world of German compound words is a pure delight, an endless font of phrases that perfectly capture the zeitgeist.

German covid coinages are a pandemic kuddelmuddel!

coronamüde: Tired of covid

Coronafrisur: covid hairstyle

Abstandsbier: distance-beer

Hamsteritis: stockpiling food

Maskentrottel: mask-idiot

CoronaFußgruß: corona foot-greeting



@pluralistic is Coronaparty just a german term or also used elsewhere to describe illegal parties/gatherings of people that don't care about corona?

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@davidak @pluralistic My friends and I refer to them as corona or covid parties in English. I am pretty sure we got this from French media. There was a party in my building and a Frecnh neighbor referred to it as a Covid fiesta which I quite liked.

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