Announcing my latest open source project, in collaboration with @carl

🌵 Cactus Comments - Federated web comments, based on the Matrix protocol.



@asbjorn @carl using a chat for website comments seem wrong.

have you evaluated previous solutions like Isso, Commento, Staticman, webmentions? what is your opinion on them? why do you think your solution is better?

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I don't think Matrix is strictly an instant-messaging system at all. I think it is (or has potential to be) a great general-purpose network for real-time JSON replication.

Actually we did compare other self-hosted solutions before beginning Cactus Comments. The fact that it's built on an open, federated standard gives it a lot of extra features. Client compabability, resiliency to downtime, privacy, identity defragmentation, are among those. Centralized solutions have disadvantages.

@davidak If you're more curious about my comparisons to other systems, I can share some excerpts from my BSc project, which I did on Cactus Comments. 🤗

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