Struggling to deal with the organisations shunning the FSF for the sake of inclusivity and equality

who are still comfortable with Google and IBM's patronage, orgs who are doing a great job ensuring that the future (w/biased AI, algos) will be very unequal and shut out minorities.

(also, the Gebru/Mitchell episode)

It gets into a whole new level when I'm reading that is considering a switch from the GPL because of the FSF/Stallman episode

It makes zero sense to me how these would be connected. I mean, might as well trash the MIT license because of MIT's role in the Epstein coverup?

I hate this whole novella.

@rlafuente I think we could use a new copyleft license not written by the FSF. Of course switching away from the GPL to a noncopyleft license would be an absurd response to current events.


@be @rlafuente switching license is not trivial, you have to ask anyone who contributed. all have to agree

also, using a different copyleft license than GPL would make the code incompatible with any GPL code, so you would be unable to collaborate with projects that use GPL, splitting efforts once more

so, i think that is an absurd idea that would hurt the free software community

also, when you consider not using GPL because RMS wrote it, shouldn't you also not use copyleft? it's also his idea

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@davidak @rlafuente License incompatibility is a real issue and of course any new license should explicitly be written to avoid that.

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