Hey #Fediverse! Like so many other #FreeSoftware projects, keeping #FDroid up and running is a community effort. Have you ever contributed to any #FLOSS Project?

@fdroidorg btw how big is fdroid repo in size?

I mean, keeping all those APKs with version history probably isn't so cheap

Good question, lets have a look.

The @fdroidorg repo on our main mirror currently has ~110GB and the archive has ~384GB in size. So all in all it's manageable.

At this point we'd like to thank fau.de cyberbits.eu tetaneutral.net lysator.liu.se and rcac.purdue.edu who kindly mirror our repo. Those mirrors help a great deal reducing traffic cost.

@fdroidorg oh, that's nothing compared to . their binary cache has over 120TB

old versions are still available making it possible to reproduce a system


@radamant why that?

you can still reproduce the binary using the package definition (in nixpkgs git repo) and the source code (if original source disappeared, softwareheritage.org/ might have it), but why build it again when the binary is still available in the binary cache?

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