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Added the torchs, refined the ice walls, added some platform in the middle, some stalagmites in the top and other minor details.

What you think?

#gamedev #indiedev #PixelArt #mastoart #art #creativetoots #creative #gameart #8bit #ドット絵

Well, it's time!

#Funkwhale 0.14 is out. There is no new "killer" feature in this #release, but it does include a lot of bugfixes, enhancements and even some new features. In fact, the changelog is probably the biggest one since the beginning of the project.

New features include:

- A new interface to browse and delete library files
- A new "upload" permission
- Defaults permissions, that may be granted automatically to all users of an instance



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Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

#Funkwhale 0.14.2 it out, freshly cooked!

As an instance owner, especially if you have open signup, you shoud upgrade as soon as possible: this #release includes a patch for a permission issue where any user could delete or edit radios that where shared publicly.

Other interesting stuff:

- Apache2 support is now at parity with nginx in term of features
- Funkwhale is now AGPL-3 licenced
- Fixed a pagination issue in the Subsonic API that broke full access to a library


Today's tarot draw is The Inverted World from www.neonmoontarot.com
Themes for this card include: Missing closure, incompleteness.

"You should be close to closing in on a major life goal or project but could be having trouble seeing yourself over the finish line. You could be lacking in closure or achievement. You are encouraged to re-center yourself, collect your energy, and keep on moving forward. Persistence will pay off and you can see things through to completion."

@chocobozzz Why can't I see the videos I upload to in mastodon?

This would break the internet.

Imagine YouTube Content ID, but for everything: blog comments, tweets, Github commits, Instagram photos, replies to newspaper articles, rental listings, dating profiles.

This is being proposed in the EU. motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

Feel free to 🚀 🚀 🚀

I have a account I use now! @davidpgil is where i'm at.

I so far have posted my favorite and game loops.

"olin nasa"

Spent some time noodling in #inkscape with some #sitelensitelen glyphs.

Used this tool to get the initial SVG outlines to manipulate: smoishele.com/sitelensitelen/e