@Spacehuhn I mean... reloading 10 times to warm up starts feeling like a feature xD

Got some fancy pictures of the rainbow where you can clearly see where the gold is located :D

@Spacehuhn should mention that hosting it on a cheap VPS is not the best idea πŸ˜‚

I've been trying out Jitsi this week (a self hosted video conference service) and I'm very happy with it.

Mine is running on a cheap single core VPS with 2GB RAM.
Video chatting for hours with 5 other European hackers works well.

Why would you want to use something like Jitsi instead of Zoom or Microsoft Teams?
- it's free, open source and self hosted
- no login/register required
- no extra software needed, works in the browser
- no data or metadata being sold off

We made a badge for a multiplayer game and a wifi fox hunt for more info at twitter.com/mysteryh4ck and mysteryhack.space :D


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