Why many people don't and won't use open source federated sites 

@Brainship or as bell hooks said, if you can't take it out of the ivory tower and walk it down the street, what use is it?

Why many people don't and won't use open source federated sites 

People will continue to use big centralized sites like Discord until the alternatives drop the literal paragraphs of technobabble to explain what they are.

Most users do not know tech well. If they see pages of words they don't understand it's clear the software 'isn't for people like me'
so they go back to centralized sites.

If people don't understand what any of those acronyms and words mean it won't matter that the site is easier or better to use.

There's nothing wrong with technical explanations.
But they can be deeply alienating as a first impression and explanation to someone with no tech or coding skills who's after 'a site I can talk to my friends on'.

Folks know the sites they use are bad. But the alternative isn't accessible to the vast majority of people.

Non tech users need to be included and respected as potential users if open source is to appeal to all the communities it could benefit.

this would be considered too unsubtle for environmental storytelling in a fps

This wildcat strike of Romanian agricultural workers in Bornheim (Germany) shows that struggles are possible even under conditions of racist super-exploitation: beyondeurope.net/1514/migrant-

πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Laat ik ook eens iets in mijn moedertaal tooten (toeteren?), ik ben vast niet de enige Nederlander (of vlaming πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ, of surinamer πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡·, etc..) hier? Wellicht levert het nieuwe connecties op.


""if kubernetes is good enough for weapons systems, it's good enough for your business" twitter.com/ellenkorbes/status :thisisfine:

Would anyone be interested if I started a podcast?

It'd just be me chatting about stuff and perhaps chatting to some friends from the hacker/P2P/Fedi/co-op/organising world.

I've had such intense "imposter syndrome" about it and some of the commercial podcast culture is just so whack.

I need a bit of genuine encouragement πŸ’– :fediverse:

I like this comment on Loomio by @oli

"What the folks at meet.coop are doing is EXACTLY what we should be doing more of i.e. pooling skills and sharing server costs so we can actually own our own tools! The cost is not high at all - it's what you need to pay to host and use your own OS tools... and, as a co-op, they need support from the co-op community... and any surpluses will be re-invested in the co-op or shared among members... so what's not to like!?!?!"

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😍 Excellent work by Artemis Gryllaki and Rita Graca featured at #AMRO20:


Voice of Conduct is a collection of vocal exercises that explore the frustrations, emotions and tensions behind Codes of Conduct.

I'm pleased to announce I'll be holding a bootleg library session as part of the 2020 iteration of Art Meets Radical Openness, a festival dedicated to Art, Hacktivism and Open Culture.

My session, *Notes on Texts*, will be focused on experiments with annotating the collection. We'll meet online in a web conference, in the digital bootleg library, and in a realtime collaborative text-editing environment. We'll explore how being together in- and out of sync and the mediums and techniques we use will shape the texts we share.

Hope to see you there :)

More info via the link:

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