holy crap we can compile golang like binaries in too with nuitka nuitka.net/doc/user-manual.htm it still looks a bit hairy but not making python program end-users deal with dependency management would literally be the best... no more virtualenv, just chmod +x and away you go

A lot of people are asking for recommendations. For what it is worth, I am using the riseup.net VPN service: you don't need an account and it auto-configures itself. riseup.net/en/vpn. If you have any issues with it, please feel free to ask for help. You should donate if you can but it's not mandatory.

hey @resist_berlin_ are you aware of these new platform cooperatives delivering food in ? kolyma2.de and fastreserve.net? Looks interesting... they're using coopcycle.org apparently? Free software meets rank-and-file workers... /cc @kawaiipunk

if you have the spoons for it and want to help the project, they're releasing the new v14 of the command-line client with improved connectivity and need testers github.com/datproject/dat/pull

has arrived on books.constantvzw.org/guests/v

"Guest Books brings together books by authors, designers, artists and publishers around Constant who publish their books with the same attitude: made with Free, Libre and Open Source Software and released under an Open Content license."

🚀 🚀 🚀

Getting rad with @alcstrt, @simoon and others, come along! 💃 💃 💃

Boekstekje Bureau: Pirate Library Edition with Varia, XPPL and Bootleg Library (Meeting-Grounds / Onomatopee 190)


any language processing in people that can help me? I have all the questions ... it's about the OPUS corpus

Been playing with this and quite happy with it! It's a library that lets you experiment directly with the database: calibrestekje.readthedocs.io. It's useful if you want to programmatically investigate your Calibre catalogue but also for building weird and wonderful alternative command-line or web interfaces. It's kind of like an escape hatch from Calibre without re-inventing the wheel :)

Wait, what? "Flask extensions must be licensed under a BSD, MIT or more liberal license in order to be listed in the Flask Extension Registry."

the channel on freenode is a ghost town. There is a not a single other person there. Where are they? What happened to them?

python, async 

First newsletter is out for October. Catch that over at forum.yunohost.org/t/october-n. There is work going towards showing those posts nicely on yunohost.org/#/news (already works but has some issues, thanks @bram!)

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