I wrote a small contribution about chatty therapy bots and the politics of mental health for the new INC publication "State Machines: Reflections and Actions at the Edge of Digital Citizenship, Finance, and Art": networkcultures.org/blog/publi

#mentalhealth #anxiety #depression #materialism

The climate strike in my city was awesome! Kids these days are so smart. I'm feeling very hopepunk right now :_earth:

On the upcoming education strike in NL (15/03):

"So what’s wrong with Dutch education? The answer can be found in the policy mix pursued by successive Dutch governments, contriving to simulate an austerity-driven market mechanism in the public sector. Universities and schools are encouraged to compete against each other for students and monies, under emaciated budgets, on the basis of dubious benchmarks and targets. The policy has raised the student/staff ratio in the Netherlands to one among the highest in the OECD – higher than the US, Greece and Italy; the ratio is approaching 20 in the main research universities."


De #klimaatmars was een geslaagde demonstratie! Ik gok 40.000 mensen.

Later uitgebreid meer. Nu eerst een trein terug vangen.

It takes time, efforts, patience, mistakes, humility, self-questioning (and maybe some courage?) to try to become *every*day* a better ally to #feminism and women's rights.

A lot of introspection and privilege-checking to understand the deep roots of systemic oppression, colonialism, capitalism, etc.

A necessary effort for everyone to try to not be part of the problem anymore.

Thanks to all who helped and help me everyday on that path! <3

#Solidarity #EqualityForAll #8M #WomensDay #IWD2019

resolution: going full ham and using gramps-project.org for disaster hobbyist geneaology with media archiving

hope the cops are enjoying this new discovery of yet another community that knows they're all bastards

Mooie lawaaidemonstratie gehad bij de gevangenis in Nieuwersluis, in solidariteit met Joke Kaviaar. Mooie opkomst, ruim 40 mensen en een goeie bak herrie gemaakt!

En ook contact gehad met Joke, die we hoorden roepen vanuit binnen.

What's the status on MediaGoblin? Is it still being actively developed? Is it still a feasible alternative to flickr etc. I want to host a family photo archive with tags,geotags,multi-user admin, usable upload, mobile friendly etc etc. Any help much appreciated!

Police paid $1614 per copaganda post on primarily Instagram for a total of $37659.
Cop communication-strategist at Sweden's police tells DN 12 "influencers" "got freedom to do their posts in their personal ways", but must say it was "in cooperation with the police", link to the police and get police's approval.

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