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@webmind GroenLinks are progressives only when they have no power. 😡 Whenever they have been in a position to actually do something, #GroenLinks shows its real colours and conforms to capital's desires. They are Worse then useless. No backbone, no hope. Progressive in name only. Disgusting. 🤮

The real world is scary and not everyone has your back with love, care and really silly jokes about text editors.

Missing #35c3 already :big_mood:

Call for participation!

If you're into () or () development and looking for a project that is driving social change and is owned and run by nice people who care about ethical technology and participatory governance then check out

See the talk:

Break things: +

Over and Out.

Solidarität für #HambacherForst vom #ChaosComputerClub Congress

#35C3 & #HambiBleibt 1 struggle 1 fight in resisting #Surveilance State & #Repression & creating alternatives based on mutual support & creativity.

#endcoal for #climate
#divest #RWE


Wearable workarounds for defensive architecture by Sarah Ross

I've been building a huge ebook library for years. I'm thinking about building some kind of ipfs/dat powered ebook indexing/sharing platform. Is there anything like that already?

sailing off a cliff listening to syd barret's word song

Amsterdam: The Klokhuis squat under threat
The Klokhuis squat is threatened by Hagatex BV, the textile subsidiary of Maged Hagagg. On September 30 2018, we squatted an empty building on the Zeeburgerpad 22 in Amsterdam. The building, owned by Appelbeheer BV since the end of 1990, has been rotting away for most of this time, it has also been squatted several…[...]
#Amsterdam #Evictionthreat #Klokhuis

everybody wants a revolution but nobody wants to do the dishes

This is a statue located in Berlin, entitled "Politicians Discussing Global Warming."

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