: Oh cool, there is a new governance model for . Oh wait, it's that BDFL stuff again (github.com/pypa/pipenv/blob/ma). Oh wait, the revolution has already happened (github.com/pypa/pipenv/blob/ma). Fine by me.

@meejah no idea! Pipenv decision making is pretty opaque at the best of times ;)

@decentral1se Yeah...I've not yet made it work, because I keep trying to use it inside a virtualenv "or something"...to me Poetry seems nicer, but also has rough edges (and anyway my major release is a library so I'll have to stick with not-pipenv anyway for that)


@meejah yeah, that's a big pity it doesn't support libraries. I hope that there will be a standardised approach for all the packaging needs in the pyproject.toml (like Poetry is driving). I did like testandcode.com/52 which was a non-partisan review of where people who do standardising things are at

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