For people who are interested in , this is an interesting critical viewpoint:

"Our in-depth investigation has found that everything we’ve been led to believe about Wikipedia is a lie...Scratch the surface of the 'free encyclopedia anyone can edit' and you find a finely-honed propaganda machine manipulated by experts and used to destroy the reputations of those who dare question the status quo."

@decentral1se I'll load it into my device, hopefully not too long until i get to it..

At a very minimum, wikipedia is heavily biased by the sources it can reference. There are far more WaPos, NYTs, and WSJs, CNNs, MSNBCs than DemocracyNows or CounterPunches.

@decentral1se even organizations like HRW (originally Helsinki Rights Watch!) can be two-faced.. I think they usually don't ignore human right issues, but they don't bother to do anything about it when it's used as a weapon, or ignored as inconvenient.

Maybe i am being charitable.. One of the earliest Citations Needed was about it. (the patreon page contains more references, but locked )

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