A co-operative, open source, meeting and conferencing platform, powered by BigBlueButton

@decentral1se Nice :). I'm working on something similar with the intent for coops to "own" their own virtual office-space:

It's not "prod" ready yet, but we're onboarding alpha client-owners this week!

@zee awesome! good luck with this! would also like to hear about this ;)

@decentral1se Ugh I can't deal with yet another slack/forum. It's so hard to stay focused on making software that people actually want to use when there's so many communication platforms.

I know some people don't have that problem, but I cap out at like... 3.

@zee i feel the pain, just publish here so i can see then hehe

@decentral1se I do :). Follow #ZincCoop the hashtag and that should have updates on the stuff we're doing.

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