uhhmm, what software are people using to catalogue their books at home? I just realised that Calibre is not very good when you use it for other purposes than an e-book catalogue...

@decentral1se I use Goodreads with different groups for my books.

You can also use other services like that is mainly to lend/sell your books to others too.

Or is good for ebooks (having them on the cloud to better keep them)

@Niquarl aha! yes i remember inventaire and remember thinking it looks quite hard to self-host! Just catalogued a llottttt books into a spreadsheet in any case, the software bit can come later ;)

@decentral1se Ah to self host!
Well in that case I'm not sure. I've heard of two different libre projects to replace Goodreads but can't remember their names, sorry!

After all, Goodreads is amazon owned :/

@decentral1se What's wrong with a nice text file?

I should update mine though.

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