Eule sentenced to 9 months based on her prison corespondence, using natzi era juvenile laws by Judge Königsfeld on same day as a series of anti #HambacherForst articles with police insets apeared in regional #Coal #press. Strong indicator "verdict" prepared before trial.#FreeEule


@cybette thanks a lot! It seems like the idea is getting traction 🌞

Leuk filmpje hoor!

*WikiconNL 2019*

"Op vrijdag 8 en zaterdag 9 maart organiseert #Wikimedia #Nederland in de Social Impact Factory te #Utrecht WikiconNL, een conferentie over Wikipedia, Wikimedia en vrije toegang tot informatie in de breedste zin van het woord. Wikipedia is net 18 jaar geworden en is dus volwassen. Hoe is Wikipedia gegroeid, in wat voor wereld opereert Wikipedia en met welke ontwikkelingen moet de Wikimedia-beweging rekening houden? Dat zijn de vragen waarover Wikimedia-vrijwilligers, onderzoekers, Wikimedia-grootgebruikers, medewerkers van archieven, bibliotheken, musea en andere erfgoedinstellingen en geïnteresseerden in vrije kennis in Utrecht praten. Daarnaast zijn er trainingen en workshops. Inschrijven via:

@simoon is the site for solid free software laptops - if you're thinking about ordering, I might also consider! We could share a shipment :) This is where I got my replicant phone from

For people who are interested in , this is an interesting critical viewpoint:

"Our in-depth investigation has found that everything we’ve been led to believe about Wikipedia is a lie...Scratch the surface of the 'free encyclopedia anyone can edit' and you find a finely-honed propaganda machine manipulated by experts and used to destroy the reputations of those who dare question the status quo."

Als je in Noord bent!

"De Doe-Het-Zelf Fietswerkplaats in Rotterdam Noord moet blijven"

An important reminder from the Anarchist Federation (

#Rotterdam to rename more streets to female and culturally diverse heroes

@meejah yeah, that's a big pity it doesn't support libraries. I hope that there will be a standardised approach for all the packaging needs in the pyproject.toml (like Poetry is driving). I did like which was a non-partisan review of where people who do standardising things are at

@meejah no idea! Pipenv decision making is pretty opaque at the best of times ;)

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