Every Sunday, from 20.00 onward, Radio Papillon is broadcasting 'live' from the ADM

Tune in here: adm.amsterdam/radio/

Radio Papillon; Emitting freedom from ADM and beyond!

Starting to use Mastodon! Let's see how this goes; here's a quick intro: I am a #programmer, #linux user, #opensource advocate, #nlp data scientist, #language enthusiast (aka #polyglot), #dutch and #gay. I'm also into #privacy and #security. But if I don't have anything interesting to say I'll probably just post pictures of my #dog and #cat here ;)

Mi parolas #esperanto. 我现在学习#中文。Falo #português. Hablo #español . Je parle #français. Ich spreche #Deutsch. Ik ben en spreek #nederlands

@sifr this thing is bloody amazing really. what a project. what a social struggle.

men who try to claim libraries can be replaced by "netflix for books" don't understand what a library is for Show more

After three years of (semi) regular existence, it is now high-time that the Pervasive Labour Union zine takes a very close look at the universe of the alternatives to corporate social networks.

What do these alternatives look like? What are the requirements of a 'true' alternative?
The Pervasive Labour Union zine already broached some of these topics on its Special Issue with the Homebrew Server Club on XMPP. To follow the HBSC’s strategy, a premium should be put on alternative approaches, not on any specific alternative apps.
We need federated social networking solutions based on open standards that are able to communicate among themselves, regardless of the platform being used.

Which protocols can and are being developed to achieve interoperability between the different alternatives? How do scale and trust influence the field? What are the forces at play within this realm and how to engage with them?
With this issue, we propose not only to collect a field guide of sorts, but also to open up the discussion on the alternatives and how to tackle the challenges posed by network effects, scalability and financial viability.

DEADLINE: February 5th

Submit to: lidia@majesticmoo.se, lidia.pmr@gmail.com or nikos.vv@gmail.com

Hallo zusammen, mein Airbnb hat für meinen Aufenthalt in Leipzig vom 26.-30. für die #ccc #35c3 abgesagt.

Hat jemand irgendwelche Hinweise, um für einen extrem armen Hacker zu bleiben?

Boosts geschätzt

Translated by: deepl.com/translator

No idea if effective 😄

Dear ${USER},

XPUB Master is open for applications!

We focus on ${TRENDING_MEMES}, our staff includes ${GREAT_TUTORS}
and we regularly collaborate with ${OBVIOUS_NAME_DROPPING_IS_OBVIOUS}.

Non-EU + EU priority Deadline: 01.03.19



Every year someone posts this in my family's group chat on WhatsApp and I just love it

I'll be talking about 'Cooperatively developed software tools for food saving communities" (aka Karrot) at Newspeak house in London this coming Wednesday.

6:30pm upstairs in the drawing room at the start of ration club (so you can hang out after for eating and chatting).

More info ----> nwspk.com/events?id=445#event-

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