Afsluitende groepsfoto. Er deden in totaal zo'n 60 mensen mee aan de protestactie tegen huisuitzettingen op de Rotterdamse Coolsingel (voor het stadhuis).

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@helveticablanc it's definitely a rabbit hole but if you do decide to play around with this, a raspberry pi is the way to go! very easy to reimage the sd card in case things go wrong.

if you're interested in shell stuff i can highly recommend this book

it's well written and fun to go through the examples. the book is basically an expanded version of the "learning the shell" section on that website

(been using linux for 20 years and i still learned some new things!)

@Killab33z_OG yeah but im more worried that this doesn't trigger some kind of logic alarm - commodifying every aspect of life is how we go further into the crisis not out. i cant take the thought of all these smug hypercapitalists walking around in the sun feeling great about themselves being sun panel slumlords in ethiopia

...things people who talk about bitcoin send me and uncritically miss that it says shit like "earn from sunshine, easily"... :thisisfine:

Donderdag 25 februari vanaf 14:00 uur, Stadhuis, Coolsingel 40, Rotterdam: protestactie tegen huisuitzettingen

1. Stop nu alle huisuitzettingen in Rotterdam;
2. Bied woonzekerheid voor iedereen. Niemand op straat.

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The systematic repressive structures that govern refugee camps have left many immigrants with serious mental health issues, and since there is no real solidarity movement, they have even risked their lives to protest so that their voices may be heard. Undoubtedly, what happened a few days ago in the Echt refugee camp is one of hundreds of examples that have happened so far, but no one knows about them.

Its time to protest these barbaric circumstances. Therefore, there will be a demonstration on Saturday the 27th of February at the detention center.

Fuck the racist treatment of refugees, come join us in our defiance of the unjust criminalization of immigrants!

Saturday 27 February 2021, at 2pm in front of the immigrants camp of Echt(address: Pepinusbrug 2, Echt)
Link to full statement:

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Nu in Rotterdam: actie tegen dreigende huisuitzetting van tientallen Tweebosbuurt-bewoners

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@kawaiipunk dayum we can maybe keycloak matrix servers as well...

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