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It cannot be overstated how bizarre it is that we take for granted that we _must_ have a boss.


It cannot be overstated how important it is to have a boss that believes in you


"The more you look at open source through a feminist lens ... the more those two-decade-old certainties start to crack."

A code of conduct is just as important as a license for an OSS project, for the simple reason that the number of people who are going to be interacting with your project is larger than the number of people who are going to try to make money by stealing your code.

I'm helping on Scuttlebutt (a p2p social network) and we're looking for feedback and advice like: what are your privacy needs? How would you like blocking to work?

If you'd like to help with a survey or phone/video chat, please let me know by DM or at

This is an anti-commercial open source project. We want to make something accessible that meets the needs of people who have been harassed online and want a safer space to hang out with friends, and don't want to be dependent on Twitter/Facebook.

Dear comrades! Online freedom and software conference called Özgürkon will be held on 16-17 May, free and open to join at address. We invite everyone to that wonderful event to listen what speakers have to say.

love how the new hyperdrive release just casually drops the bomb that you have p2p google drive ready to rip

A co-operative, open source, meeting and conferencing platform, powered by BigBlueButton

In Leiden zijn mensen zonder papieren door de gemeente op straat gezet. Die heeft de Bed-, Bad-, Brood-voorziening (BBB) gesloten. Ook bij de daklozenopvang worden de vluchtelingen geweigerd. Spreek je ook uit vóór de daklozen en tégen het onmenselijke gemeentebeleid. #OpenBBB 1/

Fresh from the oven: Telephant v0.1rc3!

Just two small fixes, in preparation for further packages & binary releases:

- Set previous mentions as initial text for replies
- Fix potential crash on startup

Ready to try it out? Get it here:

📻 We Hope This Email Finds You Well is being streamed at p-node today 📻

4pm CEST

@p_p @anglk @estragon @RyBn

Personl lessons from baking sourdough #bread (beginner, 5th batch):

🏅 It's fun and immensely rewarding!

🍼 Care about your starter, but also be relaxed about it. Can leave it in the fridge a few days.

🥖 Change/mix flours

⏳ Proving time matters. Not absolute. Experiment with your own conditions. Too much = too big, non-homogeneous "bubbles".

🔥 You need a good oven, starting as hot as you can.

👍 This guy's method is a good start:

#LearnEveryday #Fermentation #levain

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