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Dutch minister of Internal Affairs passes a law that lowers the rent for tenants, instead of temporarily freezing the rent altogether. The reason she gives for not freezing the rent is that it 'will endanger the investments of landlords'.

Poor landlords! Who will appreciate those hardworking people who only make money because they own things!

Typical nonsense of D66.

Let's suggest something radical: Not only freeze the rent, but give those houses to the people who live there and actually do something for their livelihoods.

#rentstrike #tenants #d66 #netherlands

If you don't want cops or military using your open / sharealike software and you actually mean it, then consider Ethical Open Source (EOS) licensing options which are analogous to your project's current licensing scheme. Lip service means nothing when your facial recognition tech is being used for state surveillance and oppression and you could throw a legal wrench in the cogs of the machine.

(check their related licenses page for a more complete list)


Fantastic work by Foxglove legal and openDemocracy:

Under pressure, UK government releases NHS COVID data deals with big tech

Hours before openDemocracy was due to sue, government releases massive data-sharing contracts with Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Faculty and Palantir.

Expropriate landlords Organise direct action across language barriers Germans getting it done.

also for the record people talk about brave browser like it's some kind of last word of privacy

1. it's a chromium fork
2. brendan eich is a homophobe
3. the fact that it uses cryptocurrency/blockchain trash and also hammers it in your face that it's "privacy-focused" is SUCH a spook

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