Show newer got nominated for the 'Best Venue' audience award of the 2020 #Rotterdam #Music #Award.

So if you've enjoyed the things we've done at #varia, either in-person or remotely please help us with your vote: (it is the yellow section midway down that says 'Beste Podium')

Elke dinsdagavond kun je ons opzoeken in de Gouwstraat 3 met vragen over kraak, antikraak, contracten, prijzen, de wet, huisuitzettingen, onderhoud, huurverhogingen enz.

Every tuesday evening you can find us at Gouwstraat 3 and ask questions about squat, anti-squat, contracts, prices, law, evictions, maintenance, rent increases etc.

#woonzekerheid #woonspreekuur

Aanstaande dinsdag is er een #huurdersactie in #Rotterdam omtrent het gebrek aan woonzekerheid van plaatselijke bewoners. Het gaat om huurders van het beruchte Camelot, een organisatie opgericht om leegstaande woningen antikraak te maken en ze zodoende uit te kunnen melken.

Wees erbij, en vergeet niet je mondkapje mee te nemen!

#huisjesmelkers #huurwoning #huur #woningnood #antikraak #actie #demonstratie

I kinda love everything about this project by Joel Galvaez: the aim (bringing a shared event calendar out of fb), the design, the Figma screencast in the about

Alle Mindestziele eine Woche vor Deadline erreicht. Dieser Planet wird eine Hackergenossenschaft bekommen.
Die Reise geht weiter.
Zeichnung weiter möglich. excellent documentary by astra taylor and friends shedding some light on how to think about democracy. not just US focused... federici tears it up, it features worker coops, greek scholors and activists, syrian refugees and ex-cons, good bunch

We're proud to be part of⁩, an open-source meeting and videoconferencing platform powered by ⁨@bigbluebutton⁩ running on cooperatively owned infrastructure 🌐

BigBlueButton is great for large events, and has powered some of our favorite open source conferences this year, like ⁨#datconf⁩ and HOPE (Hackers on Planet Earth) 👽

WBMv13 will be online this year!

"The event aims to bring together people from across the globe who are interested in community networks, including wireless mesh network technologies, fiber infrastructure, Do-It-Yourself Internet Service Providers, OpenWrt community, and more generally how to create and maintain a thriving community of people involved in building their own networks."

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