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Excellent interview with Common Knowledge ( on the General Intellect Unit ( podcast ๐Ÿ‘ฝ

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We've not heard a more honest exploration of #coops #techcoops and #cotech

Absolute goldmine of info. If you're looking for a starting point for learning about co-ops. This is it.

We need to build radical infrastructure NOW. This includes tech infrastructure. There isn't any time to waste. Join the solidarity economy :ecosocialism:


(imho one of the most inspiring leftwing documentary makers have a crowdfunding running "Since the UN Conferences on Climate started in 1992, the annual CO2 emission have not decreased. In fact, they have increased by over 60%. Why? How would a society that is capable of stopping climate change look? And how can we get there?"

FYI because of how the package is laid out, there is no namespace for the import. So, if you want to import the HTTP signature module, you just `import httpsig` (if anyone is good at packaging and knows how to fix this without restructuring the project into a src/ project layout, i would love to hear from you!)

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`pip install epicyon` is now possible! isn't meant primarily to be used as a library but it is useful to share the HTTP signature and JSON-LD code for building other things that can speak . See more @ and report any issues @

Will be interested in seeing how this works out. Open Source License with a code of conduct requirement, but with teeth.

This thread by @entreprecariat asks some incredible questions about the nature of our online existence. I highly recommend a thorough scroll.

lead devs on these fedi projects be like "we're gonna revolutionize the network!" and I'm just here waiting until they let me share my blocklists of fascists to prevent unnecessary, repeated endangerment of users every time a new minority-run instance pops up.

So i just discovered this song called The Greedy Landlord, off a 1960 album called "Songs to Swing Landlords To*

Singer is Stan Kelly (who got himself a computer science degree in 1954!)

Look at it, the Pinephone has dip switches to (dis-)able specific hardware modules!

Protesteer tegen dreigende huisuitzetting in coronatijd!

Doe mee met het protest en bel en mail Haag Wonen aanstaande maandag vanaf 9.00 uur.

En volg

Mostly about the Whatsapp bait-and-switch, but also has some good points about the complexity of software. Once an app becomes too complex for one or two developers to maintain then it tends to become a corporate entity with all of the problems which go along with that.

For an independent open web, systems and protocols need to be simple enough that they can be managed by individuals or small teams.

"with theory I've reached nowhere. With theory I've only hit myself, suffered a lot and faced the biggest deceptions. Seeing how the most intimate ideas would crack when hitting the real world, they wouldn't,
they wouldn't hold friction. The moments I've been the most convinced about anarchy, the moment I've been the most anarchist ever, it has been at the moments I've confronted it with reality and I've seen people becoming more anarchist not by hearing what I say but seeing what I do."

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Precaristas (Precarious - Chronicle of the struggle for housing in Canary Islands.): an amazing documentary shared by @aga

oof woops, thread is private as it turns out but can connect via DM if you like!

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Calling all hackers, there is paid work going for improving , a really promising web UI for chat. The work is coming out of , a network of UK tech coops

We wrote up a blog post about our decision making process. Hope it's useful to some folks out there ๐Ÿฆ„ :pirate_flag: ๐Ÿ’ž

It's short, simple and tested in production ๐Ÿ˜… ๐Ÿง™

#workercoops #consensus

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