So due to a lot more ppl sitting at home with more free time as usual at their hands, here are some Free-To-Play Games I can highly recommend:

A MMOFPS (and iirc the only one of it's kind) with massive battles that recently became overhauled in a big way.
Check it out at

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A cooperative looter/shooter that is really beautiful given its age, where you play super-space-ninjas with very cool weapons and their own private space-craft.
More info at:

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A puzzle game around challenging networking problems build by the Science Museum of UK, no ads, no tracking, just puzzle fun with a great soundtrack.
Google Play:
Apple Store:

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Neat little puzzle-game where you need to get the highes possible number by combining '3' s. Nice soundtrack, highly addictive. (Free version with Ads)

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Now it's your turn to either try these or add more in this thread that you like and that I missed.


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Mechwarrior online (PC) - Multiplayer mech fighting simulation.

Gwent (PC Mobile) - pretty neat cardgame from the witcher 3.

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