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Our latest monthly report has updates from @pypi@twitter.com, @caida_ioda@twitter.com,@GreatFireChina@twitter.com, @OpenObservatory@twitter.com, @delta_chat@twitter.com, @L10nLab@twitter.com, @wechatscope@twitter.com, and more. Check it out! opentech.fund/news/april-2019-

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@delta_chat@twitter.com is finished!!

You can choose it at your settings in few days.


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One eventful week of Delta Chat developments -- your evolving "Chat over E-Mail" messenger: Location matters ... and the coming Rustocalypse delta.chat/en/2019-05-08-xyiv

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happy to announce that we've released delta chat 0.300 at delta.chat/en/download - it's available already now on the fdroid and gplay channels :)

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At /e/ we had lots of discussion about Telegram vs Signal vs ... But I must say that the best IM secured service in my opinion is @delta_chat@twitter.com
Delta Chat is using emails to transport instant messages: it's fully decentralized, heavily encrypted and you can reach any contact

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Ich nutze delta.chat schon ziemlich lange. Es wird rasant - das Projekt ist ja immernoch sehr jung - weiterentwickelt und wächst kontinuierlich. Das gilt such für die Verschlüsselung AutoCrypt.

Ich nutze auch eine meiner regulären Adressen. Durch AutoCrypt habe ich die E-Mail-Adressen endlich auch auf dem Desktop unter Thunderbird verschlüsselt.

Die neue Oberfläche basiert auf der von Signal und ist dementsprechend gut.

Insgesamt: sehr zu empfehlen 😁

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I recently installed #deltachat. Great concept!
- Use your own email address
- You can reach anybody having an email address
- #opensource
- #decentralised
- End-to-end encryption
- Serverless (for the app itself, not taking into account the ones used for the emails)
- Good design (similar to #Signal)
And they are on Mastodon: @delta

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@funqr ich nutze @delta und bin sehr zufrieden damit, keine Probleme mit gesperrten Accounts oder ähnlichem. Ich nutze eine andere Emailadresse als meine übliche.

new major android release out now - with oauth2 for google and yandex, refined email interactions and much, much more: delta.chat/en/2019-03-14-oauth

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#DeltaChat : Mensajería instantánea , con cifrado punto a punto basada en PGP + IMAP y multiplataforma. Nueva release disponible. #tech #pgp #gpg #imap


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Today is #DataProtectionDay #DataPrivacyDay
celebrate by deleting an old account and/or requesting your personal data from a major service provider (facebook or google for a higher score)
Stay safe!

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a Whatsapp/Telegram style messenger based on e-mail ... delta.chat is where i am heavily engaging these days ... a way out of messenging silos that works surprisingly well, releases: delta.chat/en/2019-01-27-relea

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