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@Dymaxion@twitter.com @SonOfSunTzu@twitter.com @quinnnorton@twitter.com Jokes aside, the Delta Chat folks actually got funding which they have been using to do user studies, including pretty solid work on the UX around encrypted decentralized group chat and improving on Autocrypt's baseline security.

They're actually doing great work, IMO.

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The German conservative party #CDU joins @fsfe 's #publicmoneypubliccode mission, stating that "all publicly funded software should serve the citizens". Yeah.


It remains to be seen if this will actually be put into practice. Historically, the CDU (or their Bavarian branch #CSU) has been the driving force behind many terrible decisions on public IT infrastructure, such es the end of #LiMux in #Munich. But maybe there's hope after all?

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Hey! Oh! let's go! 

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@juh @delta Wow, this seems like the right way to address this! Identity and federation are already solved, and encryption is done via an existing standard.

We gave a workshop about Delta Chat and mail server administration at @EclecticTech@twitter.com in Athens - read more on our blog:


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GMail OAUTH works again with existing Delta Chat Android installs, no updates neccessary :) We finally got through the review process, was tons of work. After app install you can type your gmail-address, accept "simplified setup" you can start chatting, e2e-encrypted.

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Just made a bunch of gifs to give you folks an impression of my upcoming extension for . E-mail crypto that just gets the heck out of your way.

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currently, the "simplified setup" does not work for because google tries to audit all email clients using oauth2. as a workaround you can switch to normal login. see support.delta.chat/t/workaroun for some more details.

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Read up on updates from @WireGuardVPN@twitter.com, @delta_chat@twitter.com, @L10nLab@twitter.com, @pypi@twitter.com, @OpenObservatory@twitter.com, and others in our latest monthly report! opentech.fund/news/june-2019-m

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And today, Delta Chat Android 0.500.0 was released, the most stable, feature-rich and UX-refined version of Delta Chat ever delta.chat/en/2019-06-28-andro

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New Delta Chat releases rolling ... today: stable Desktop releases for Ubuntu, Mac, experimental pre-release for Windows, all featuring: RPGP, a full Rust-implementation of OpenPGP (independent security review underway) and many other good things delta.chat/en/2019-06-25-deskt

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@ProtonMail@twitter.com @delta_chat@twitter.com @huzzam@twitter.com Delta Chat supports verified chats that guarantee E2E encryption safe against active attacks. So it goes further than what plain Autocrypt provides, yet is compatible.

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Our latest monthly report has updates from @pypi@twitter.com, @caida_ioda@twitter.com,@GreatFireChina@twitter.com, @OpenObservatory@twitter.com, @delta_chat@twitter.com, @L10nLab@twitter.com, @wechatscope@twitter.com, and more. Check it out! opentech.fund/news/april-2019-

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@delta_chat@twitter.com is finished!!

You can choose it at your settings in few days.


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One eventful week of Delta Chat developments -- your evolving "Chat over E-Mail" messenger: Location matters ... and the coming Rustocalypse delta.chat/en/2019-05-08-xyiv

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happy to announce that we've released delta chat 0.300 at delta.chat/en/download - it's available already now on the fdroid and gplay channels :)

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At /e/ we had lots of discussion about Telegram vs Signal vs ... But I must say that the best IM secured service in my opinion is @delta_chat@twitter.com
Delta Chat is using emails to transport instant messages: it's fully decentralized, heavily encrypted and you can reach any contact

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