"if only mail apps would be as easy to configure as delta chat" ... thanks for the praise. We are working all the time to achieve a smooth configuration experience.

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Wenn sich "Mail Clients" bloß so einfach wie @delta_chat@twitter.com einrichten liessen.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/t73fde/status/1539

Sharing Web Apps in a chat: Recent releases of Delta Chat (1.30) semi-silently introduced support for "webxdc", a new way to share and run web apps, without leaking any data to third parties. See delta.chat/en/2022-06-14-webxd and webxdc.org for demos/quickstarts.

"web apps shared in a chat" ... a new way to do web apps without platforms, coins or logins :) webxdc.org

the according Delta Chat announcement post has some more details: delta.chat/en/2022-06-14-webxd

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A few minutes ago I helped a friend set up #DeltaChat (Google account). The onboarding went so smoothly and quickly. Basically the app took care of all the annoying things :awesome: Kudos DeltaChat Dev. I didn't expect that (my onboarding experience was four years ago -> not even comparable).

Thanks for trying it out again! In the next weeks we hope to add a few new reasons to try out Delta Chat :)

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I had every reason to try @delta_chat@twitter.com again today. I’m really impressed with how far they’ve come since I first tried Delta Chat with version 0.9.0 in 2017. Give it a try and

🐦🔗: twitter.com/MarcelOomens/statu

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Many good memories of Kyiv. Three years ago in April 2019, we started the "Rustocalypse" in beautiful Podil, porting our networking/parsing/encryption/database core lib to @rustlang@twitter.com and since then benefited socially, technically and usability-wise. delta.chat/en/2019-05-08-xyiv# ...

People in Russia are in increasing danger of censorship and internet blockades. One avenue of maintaining communications in times of larger scale blockades are local e-mail servers and mailing lists of which there are plenty in russia ... they likely survive when the country is severed from central WA/TG/Signal/Gmail lines. And here it is important to know that Delta Chat (developers or distributors) have no data that authorities could get or hack into .... twitter.com/delta_chat/status/

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It sucks that our default way of describing the economy is as a giant competition between independent people, rather than as a large-scale collaboration between interdependent people

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Suitpossum/status/

"I've run Mattermost and Rocket Chat, and I use Signal, but the application I'm most excited about is Delta Chat, the chat service that's so hands-off it doesn’t even use chat servers." thanks for the recommendation and happy :) opensource.com/article/22/1/de

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Si esteu una mica farts que us maregin amb aplicacions de missatgeria i la privacitat, llegiu sobre una aplicació de xat interessant que utilitza el #correuelectrònic com a mètode de #descentralització.

Bàsicament converteix el vostre correu electrònic un chat encriptat e2e. Es diu @delta

Hello all -- this message is sent from the Work-in-progress DeltaChat/Mastodon bridge written in python github.com/simplebot-org/simpl -- you can start playing a bit with bot instances here simplebot-org.github.io/simple .

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ICYMI: We've released the first major mailcow release for the new year 2022 today!

What has changed? Take a look here:

Or alternatively here:

🐦🔗: twitter.com/mailcow_email/stat

We compared 20 e-mail providers for use with Delta Chat and some do not provide "ICQ" capabilities ... meaning IDLE/Condstore/Quota features beneficial for instant messaging usability ... more details and results here delta.chat/en/2022-01-16-dapsi ... and thanks @NGI_DAPSI@twitter.com for funding!

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Fediverse friends. What email clients are you using and why? No wrong answers!


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If you haven't read this article please do. I couldn't help but admit to myself that choosing open platforms / specs like #email and #DeltaChat was the best decision ever 📧

Keeping platforms open seirdy.one/2021/02/23/keeping- przez @wallabagapp

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@caliandroid @7daq0 @delta DeltaChat is growing rapidly. No one knows what is coming the next year 😌

Can you imagine a year from now? That Whatsapp, Signal and Telegram along with large parts of the web could be down in many regions? Which messenger do you think would still be able to cope with such decomposition? To those who it may concern: enjoy xmas and happy transitioning!

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