Finally! Delta Chat on F-droid has caught up with Google Play releases. All platforms now use the fast and safe Rust-core, resolving slight eco-system incompatibilities and allowing to switch to Ed25519 keys soon. Thanks to the many who spent tens of hours to make this happen!

@delta I'm using the apk with my own gpg key. Is there something special to do to upgrade to the F-droid version?

@brab Yes, you need to export a backup, and import it in the F-Droid version. The two apps are separate in Android.

You can also run them next to each other, to use 2 different email accounts :)

@delta I tried creating a backup, but it never completes ( So I set up the fdroid version with my gpg key, but it's not seeing my existing messages, although they are in my deltachat folder.

Is there a way to import these messages besides doing a backup?

@delta is it possible to define the smtp ehlo string in deltachat? My mailsever does not accept "local host" and wants a fqdn.

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