Recently I've come to the conclusion that the world doesn't need yet another instant messenger. Good old email will do just fine. Use with your existing email account. the net.


@delta Muito bom! Usando aqui a ferramenta, e estou com boas espectativas. Thanks!

I've tested and tried to use your DeltaChat on my previous smartphone Moto Z last year. The results were very discouraging. Lags, no messages at all or avalanche of messages after a lag, but most of the time it just didn't work. I tested it on Android 8 or 9 and (Polish free email provider) and I have no idea which of the above is to blame for my disappointment.

I think the idea behind DeltaChat os brilliant, would love to use it and see it work seamlessly.

I've changed my smartphone on december and also android version, currently using Mi9TPro with android 10. Any chance it will work smoothly now? Are there any particular email hosts which you recommend or any that you discourage from using?

@barszczyk sorry for answering late.

Regarding lags when receiving messages:

We maintain a list of email providers which work well with Delta Chat:

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