As several people asked -- yes, Delta Chat works in Belarusia even if Signal, Whatsapp etc. suffer blockings. Several people in the DC community are looking into helping things. If you want to help get in touch, and/or maybe contribute to

@delta 1 on 1 chats need to have a forced encryption mode especially for times like this

@hpk @delta yeah but I think 1 on 1 conversations should have only encrypted messages as well

@delta Wondering how can it work when mobile network is blocked?

@pioneer @delta When this happened during the Arab Spring, people did things like using dialup to other countries and setting up public WiFi.

In Belarus it seems the shutdown wasn't total and e.g. Telegram worked better than many other services.…

What it sounds like @delta is talking about above is attacks targeted at certain networks, and of course those won't affect people who are on an alternative network, especially one that lacks a central chokepoint.

@clacke @delta Still curious about what to do if all network is gone.

@pioneer @delta Found another Telecomix and make your own. Delta Chat is doing its part, but we can't expect one small project to solve all of the problems for all scenarios.

@clacke @delta Maybe an email relay app (or just Deltachat working as a relay) on your mate's phone that is reachable via Bluetooth could help? So that your friend can send it further to another Bluetooth friend and finally to someone with the network and deliver the message to the server.

@clacke @delta @pioneer this. Each blackout is different. Be creative.

For example, during Tahrir Square protests in Egypt sending dedicated dial-up numbers for protesters to use (broadband was down, copper was not) worked well using fax... and User Agent strings while cURLing university websites.

@rysiek @clacke @delta So you ended up buying dialup modems like in good old times? Where actually one can buy a modem these days?

@pioneer @clacke @delta well, that was 2011. #Telecomix was setting up dial-up servers outside of Egypt, since Egyptians tended to own dial-up modems.

Today it would definitely be different, and dial-up might not be an option; that's kind of the point, there is no end-all solution.

Each blackout is different.

@clacke @delta @pioneer
> In Belarus it seems the shutdown wasn't total and e.g. Telegram worked better than many other services.

There are a couple of possible reasons why that could be, but I think it bears repeating.

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