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Russia asked for access to Delta Chat user data ... so we had some explaining to do :) Cheers to decentralized app designs and the e-mail system's separation of apps and message transport, something that Whatsapp, Telegram and the likes fail to offer ... delta.chat/en/2020-05-01-roska

🐦🔗: twitter.com/delta_chat/status/


How safe it is to use Delta Chat? Nothing has changed about our stance to user data: we don't have it, not even encrypted, and also no traffic data. Nada. Nothing. Nilch. You insist? Please refer to any of the hundreds of thousands of e-mail servers. Cheers to decentralization :)

We can assume that all other messenger service providers get or got the same letter. Nobody knows how they responded...

@delta Just saw the bad ratings for the iOS app ... looks there is not really progress.
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