Since end 2020 banned linking in FB posts to stating "violation of community standards". Multiple people filed complaints but nothing happened, no responses, no explanations, nothing. Please help (RT/like or comment how to proceed). Thanks!

@Atlas @delta That happened to all services / platforms which could be harmful to the big players in the market.

@delta The tech oligarchs do not want any communication outside their view and control. How else could they impose their "community standards" on everyone's thoughts

@delta though not explicitly stated in the community standards there is anecdotal evidence of posts being taken down for linking to products or services that compete with Facebook's. If posts referring to explicitly promote migration away from WhatsApp this may be the cause.

It may also be algorithmic removal. Criminal or hate groups may have used the link in posts banned for other reasons and you were unfairly
deemed guilty by association by being added to a deny list.

@delta congratulation on this certification! you should where it as a badge “qualified too good for facebook”

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