While we are preparing new releases and are playing with some game-changing plans in the background, a recommendation of another good (i.e. anthropologically informed!) view on software scarcity, crypto markets, open source maintenance from

@delta @Sandra Meaningful names are scarce, but you can use petnames.

A lot of scarcity in meatspace is manufactured for political reasons. There are enough homes, but access to them is kept scarce. There is enough food production, yet use of food banks is always increasing.

The text summarizes itself very well.

Evolved systems don’t need to serve any purpose. They just propagate.

@delta I think the text stumbles to its conclusion. Blockchains are in no way a tool that handles the scarcities of software. It’s something that adds to it, and consumes insane amounts of very real scarce resources like hardware and energy. And because it does so at a large scale it’s extremely likely to tend towards oligopoly by players powerful enough to pay for those resources. I.e. the cost of these decentralised systems drive them towards centralisation eventually.

I am tempted to look in the changelog to see the upcoming features. But, sophisticated surprises are more fun. :blobgentle:

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