We are pondering a web3ish thingy but without blockchains or DHTs or coins. So far none of our experts found a flaw but rather grew excited and attuned. It's easy to understand and (for us) quite simple to do and does not require drowning in lakes of new crypto-terminology 😁

RT Soon ... is web3?


Be interested to hear how you're imagining to do this. The adage "never use a blockchain if you can avoid it" is as true now as it ever was.

@delta ♥ thanks for remaining opposed to artificial scarcity and waste ♥

@delta does "no blockchain" mean "no hash-linked data structures"? because hash links are awesome and have huge potential. it would be a shame if people dismiss it, just because they don't like bitcoin or whatever…

@sofia for this idea, we don't need it ;) stay tuned!

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