Download on Demand, faster and more convenient account switching, improved stickers, improved defense active active attacks and that's not even all :) The Android and iOS releases are rolling out to the stores and desktop also soon arrives.

Do you have a repository for FDroid where I can get the latest version immediately?

@rumo we are in the official F-Droid repository, which usually takes a few days to build (because they have a long queue). I don't know about any independent repositories.

There is a new "Download APK" button that points directly to the APK file on

The APK file is the same as uploaded to Google Play by us. If you don't want to wait for F-Droid to rebuild it and don't use Google Play, you can download directly. There are no functional differences between Google Play and F-Droid versions except that Google Play version is built by us and F-Droid versions are built on F-Droid servers. Both versions are Google-free.

@delta I helped a tiny bit ♥ (translation of one single string, the minimal possible contribution ♥ I'm so lazy 🐞 )
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