Ich stimme mit dem Autor überein:

"Aus diesem Grund halte ich #DeltaChat für eine der interessantesten Entwicklungen im Bereich der verteilten Software. Eine verschlüsselte End-to-End-Chat-Anwendung, die auf der bereits vorhandenen E-Mail-Infrastruktur aufbaut."
(Übersetzung mit DeepL.com)

> This is possible because the internet isn’t designed around telephone networking hardware. It isn’t designed around any hardware at all. Instead, the internet runs on ideas, a set of shared protocols.

I look at this and then look at the state of smartphones OS and GPU computing where everything depends on what hardware is being used.

> If you have two internets... All you need is one person to build that one link, and your two internets become one. By induction then, the Internet is the end result when you make it easy enough for a single motivated individual to join one internet to another, however badly.

This analogy also fits what made Python so popular. The possibility to interface with and "transpile" into other languages made Python what it is today

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