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For the 1st time ever, the European Commission will become the of “gatekeepers” and very large platforms & online search engines.

Here is a sneak preview of how the & enforcement will be organised 🔜


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Big chance that the new EU messenger interop mandates, if they work out at all, will break e2e-encryption. Better and easier it would be to mandate that large platforms allow third party apps to access their (existing!) APIs to send/receive messages. CC @Klaus_Mueller@twitter.com

@delta End to end encryption can work between platforms. The client apps just have to support decryption of encrypted messages coming from other platforms

@jimbo "just have to support decryption" entails big machinery, key servers, wire formats for encryption and media formats, pfs encryption semantics, identity schemes ... even with good will from all sides it is a difficult task. If clients would be able to access e.g. the WA platform instead of the WA app, it could work. But that is not the thrust of the current regulation.

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