@strypey @fdroidorg it's there now -- hope upgrade works out fine for you!

@strypey @fdroidorg once 1.32 is out on fdroid, it should upgrade seemlessly without any extra steps.

@strypey @fdroidorg @nextcloud changing between fdroid and our signed APKs only is possible with export/import. Unfortuatenly, 1.22 (the version on fdroid) is so old that you will need to first install the 1.28 (download.delta.chat/android/de) , import the 1.22-exported data there, and then upgrade to 1.32 (download.delta.chat/android/de ) -- We are working with F-droid folks to publish 1.32 on fdroid hopefully soon. Sorry for the hassles!

@erAck @jwildeboer FYI the mailing list support in Delta Chat was continuously improving over the last releases. You can participate and also post to mailing lists.

@strypey @nextcloud currently we recommend to rather install directly our APK download.delta.chat/android/de rather than fdroid. Using the one year old 1.22 currently on fdroid is asking for many troubles and running into bugs already fixed. We hope fdroid publishes the newer versions soon.

@strypey @fdroidorg Not sure but F-droid recently removed some Delta chat versions because of a suspected non-free Java class. We hope we could clarify this and the 1.32 release (already on google play and apple testflight) makes it there the next days.

@xuv it's not implemented - but maybe you can open an issue at github.com/webxdc/ChessBoard.x ? that would be the best place to ask for this feature

A little tech preview for Delta Chat iOS to easily setup a second device, under the hood using the fast evolving Rust implementation of @IPFS@twitter.com github.com/n0-computer/iroh/ -- not the only use we are envisioning of this interesting P2P effort ;)

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Recently added functionality in peermaps-web to generate a webxdc app for deltachat. We've also experimented a bit with ipfs support from the deltachat desktop app, where calls to `fetch('ipfs://cid')` are proxied to the command line via `ipfs cat file`.

Currently adding support for localization in peermaps-web.

#peermaps #deltachat

Some days ago we visited the fine folks behind mailcow.email and servercow.de -- while mailcow installations already work well with Delta Chat we want to increase speed of message delivery, spam processing and aim for easier onboarding with mailcow installs.

OH "Russia is about as federated as Telegram"

@jimbo "just have to support decryption" entails big machinery, key servers, wire formats for encryption and media formats, pfs encryption semantics, identity schemes ... even with good will from all sides it is a difficult task. If clients would be able to access e.g. the WA platform instead of the WA app, it could work. But that is not the thrust of the current regulation.

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#DeltaChat users: Wild web2pdf bot appeared!

send any URL to web2pdf@hispanilandia.net in Delta Chat to get the website as #pdf attachment

this could be useful to read a website that is blocked by your ISP (avoid censorship) getting it as encrypted email on Delta Chat, to save a site to read it later while offline or if you have slow or unstable connectivity

find more public bots for @delta at:

Big chance that the new EU messenger interop mandates, if they work out at all, will break e2e-encryption. Better and easier it would be to mandate that large platforms allow third party apps to access their (existing!) APIs to send/receive messages. CC @Klaus_Mueller@twitter.com

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For the 1st time ever, the European Commission will become the of “gatekeepers” and very large platforms & online search engines.

Here is a sneak preview of how the & enforcement will be organised 🔜


🐦🔗: twitter.com/ThierryBreton/stat

Thanks for the recognition of webxdc.org ! Truth be told, we are just beginning to explore the new possibilities of chat-shared web apps :)

RT @christophtill@twitter.com

Ich halte die Integration von WebXDC in @delta_chat@twitter.com für einen echten Gamechanger. Das macht den Messenger so flexibel wie keinen zweiten. Der Messenger ist so quasi unendlich und leicht in seinen Funktionen erweiterbar. Hammer Technik!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/christophtill/stat

@bionk @oldie @Nikurasukun @Ccom at this point, it's better to do a post about these questions in the (german speaking section of) support.delta.chat forum. sorry about the troubles!

@kris If you have a particular provider/setup that doesn't work it'd be good to report it on support.delta.chat where other devs and experienced users can help or file bug reports.

@kris While Delta "web chat" might arrive in the future, that's not the case right now. If that's your priority then maybe check out matrix.org/element.

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