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We are not trying to grow users ASAP. We are not in a VC game here. DC is usable quite nicely on virtually all platforms now and we have various ongoing efforts to address shortcomings or failures. And some unique features in preparation ... stay tuned, or phase back later ;)


Been using for more than a year: great open-source/non-silo/standard-based replacement to whatsapp! Glad to know that the development is keeping pace!!


Delta Chat has a brand-new Warp-Engine ("Async Rust") with a 5-10 times faster message fetch, revamped galleries, blurring tool for not just faces, multi-account support and most importantly: you can click on an avatar and it gets larger ... more details

Since yesterday, there is a first release of Delta Chat Desktop on the official Microsoft app store -- this took a year or so to take all the hurdles, phew!

The relative independence of OpenTechFund is in danger -- OTF majorly supported the development of Delta Chat among other "Internet Freedom" technologies (Tor, Signal, Wireguard, ...)
The CCC also has a letter of support out

A new interview with published from the "Next Generation Internet" folks about Delta Chat, its usage in Cuba, Russia and the current "chat bot" developments.

Russian developer and antifascist activist Viktor Filinkov has used his last word in court to explain the persecutor how encryption works.

Using email encryption does not make you a terrorist!

For those interested in Delta chat's security goals, just wrote a few bits about some of the underlying security thinking with DC, in response to an inquiring user

Desktop, iOS and Android apps each got major updates in May which have now all shipped: switching to faster encryption, new "auto-delete" features to keep phone/server storage clean/amnesiac ... and many little new nice things, here is a quick summary

Stand back while Delta Chat's core Rust lib is fully moving to async -- Smtp, Imap already already are async and released on all platforms but now sql, jobs, mime-parsing and chat/message/contact handling is due. Afterwards Delta Chat might have the most modern e-mail stack? ;)

For those who missed it -- a few days ago the german Vodafone magazine recommended Delta Chat as Whatsapp alternative ... thanks :)

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The only technologies you should trust are the ones you don’t need to trust because the people who built them decentred themselves and designed them so you don’t have to trust anyone – including them – to begin with.

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@delta the letter here is very interesting and strong. I hope everybody read this and learn something really valuable. Thanks for sharing!

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@delta about "Russia asked for access to Delta Chat user data...":

Very similar to (Berlin, email) vs. German Authorities. No data - no interception. So far so good.

The question remains:

What did the other services / providers do?

Intercept and deliver?
Record and provide?
Snoop and fetch data?

Posteo at that time accidentially found one answer: Yes, even illegal requests by authorities were fulfilled, all, always.

Be more selective in choosing your providers!

Russia asked for access to Delta Chat user data ... so we had some explaining to do :) Cheers to decentralized app designs and the e-mail system's separation of apps and message transport, something that Whatsapp, Telegram and the likes fail to offer ...

Die Hostsharing Genossenschaft hat einen interessanten Spezialtipp fürs homeoffice und sicheres Chatten :)

Delta Chat is growing ephemeral messaging and it'd be great if you could help test the Android/iOS test versions that now include the first round of features aka "auto-deletion" (server-side and device-side) ... -- "burner messages" will come after that.

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Vous connaissez #Deltachat @delta ?

Vous pouvez utiliser l'email dans une interface graphique de messagerie instantanée à la #whatsapp avec du chiffrement de bout en bout.

L'intérêt? L'email st décentralisé et tout le monde a déja un email (et l'email de ses contacts)

3rd android store: after F-Droid and Google Play, is now available in the Amazon Appstore as well: allows easier installation eg. on Fire devices

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