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Not everyone owns a cell phone.

Not everyone owns a smart phone.

Not everyone has internet at home.

As several people asked -- yes, Delta Chat works in Belarusia even if Signal, Whatsapp etc. suffer blockings. Several people in the DC community are looking into helping things. If you want to help get in touch, and/or maybe contribute to

A whole new round of releases on all platforms started rolling last week: apart from many little fixes and improvements we introduce two major things: *Disappearing messages* and *video chats* (via Webrtc).

Besides, this kill-background-apps-policy leads to centralization on apple/google platforms. And no, this is not just about saving battery time: without GPlay services a phone with Delta Chat lasts *longer* than with it. Multiuple people report this.

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Interesting and sad that the suffers the same problems from getting killed by Google/Apple's OSes while running in background that Delta Chat and other apps suffer from, see

On the occassion of german reports of exploits against Web ... you can use Delta Chat Desktop app without any dependency on a mobile phone. And a second independent security review is currently ongoing.

Delta Chat Core and Python bindings running on a Raspberry Pi 4, with 4 GB RAM, and passing all tests -- see for the setup.


One of the best, succinct posts on decentralization projects and politics i've read -- a must read for anyone who engages in that space ... saying this as someone who engages in that space for two decades, given keynotes about it, read a lot of sociology and anthropology ...


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@delta developer Holger Krekel explains why #email-based messaging makes chat more accessible: "Other popular messaging apps are also designed around well-resourced people who have an online connection all the time (...) Most Cubans are economically barred from the Internet, it is expensive, due to US sanctions. Cubans can get an affordable mobile data plan for the intra-island network, and can use Delta Chat via their e-mail server" ->

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Recently I've come to the conclusion that the world doesn't need yet another instant messenger. Good old email will do just fine. Use #DeltaChat with your existing email account. #decentralize the net. Plus if you're technically inclined you can run your own mailbox with #MailInABox. Highly recommended! It works like a charm with Delta Chat 🤩 @delta

2020 saw 20+ DC releases on 5+ platforms.

We don't much pre-announce features.
We don't have much of a roadmap.
We don't have totalizing planning or overviews.
We avoid clock-scheduling.
We use a fraction of the money other messengers got.
We like to chill.

Expect us :)


Considering to use as a default way to start chats! Unlike other systems it empowers people on both end with choice of the agent they want to use + interops with all the mail clients



Recently I've come to the conclusion that the world doesn't need yet another instant messenger. Good old email will do just fine. Use with your existing email account. the net.


Due to the tireless work of treefit and the desktop team we finally have Delta Chat on Mac appstore, and Windows app store is there as well. Enjoy!
If you want to go multi-device please use export/transfer-file/import -- afterwards multi-device works already conveniently.

We are not trying to grow users ASAP. We are not in a VC game here. DC is usable quite nicely on virtually all platforms now and we have various ongoing efforts to address shortcomings or failures. And some unique features in preparation ... stay tuned, or phase back later ;)


Been using for more than a year: great open-source/non-silo/standard-based replacement to whatsapp! Glad to know that the development is keeping pace!!


Delta Chat has a brand-new Warp-Engine ("Async Rust") with a 5-10 times faster message fetch, revamped galleries, blurring tool for not just faces, multi-account support and most importantly: you can click on an avatar and it gets larger ... more details

Since yesterday, there is a first release of Delta Chat Desktop on the official Microsoft app store -- this took a year or so to take all the hurdles, phew!

The relative independence of OpenTechFund is in danger -- OTF majorly supported the development of Delta Chat among other "Internet Freedom" technologies (Tor, Signal, Wireguard, ...)
The CCC also has a letter of support out

A new interview with published from the "Next Generation Internet" folks about Delta Chat, its usage in Cuba, Russia and the current "chat bot" developments.

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