The happiness from congress is slowly vanishing and post-congress depression is little by little getting its grip. I have to reassure myself that congress was indeed and will eventually be again. Soon enough I’ll all get used to the sadness and forget what my yearly glimpse of happiness felt like. It would make me happy to know if you feel the same.

So many people talk about being completely exhausted after 4 days of congress. I must sat that I do not understand this.

I think my biggest wish is that congress would go on all year - every year.

Could it be that people are exhausted because they squeeze every drop from those 4 days? And then are completely broken afterwards? Because this wouldn't be a problem if congress took place for like ... a month.

What do you all think of this?

Anyone at have a one-time shaver and some foam they’d be willing to give away? My trip ended up being longer than expected, so I didn’t pack my shaver.

The worst part about missing my flight is not actually missing my flight, but rather the fact that I could’ve potentially slept in.

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It stops being jet-lag if you have it all the time.

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and GNU stands for GNU’s Not UNIX and UNIX stands for Uniplexed Information and Computing Service so the full proper name for GIMP is actually:

GNU’s Not Uniplexed Information and Computing Service Image Manipulation Program

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