@resist_berlin_ If I remember correctly you recently deblodded a Thinkpad, right? I have a 64-bit Lenovo X60 and one is running the good old Libreboot. Any suggestions how to update to coreboot without killing the machine?
My experience is rather low in this domain...

Desktop, iOS and Android apps each got major updates in May which have now all shipped: switching to faster encryption, new "auto-delete" features to keep phone/server storage clean/amnesiac ... and many little new nice things, here is a quick summary delta.chat/en/2020-05-27-may-f

@dev Being open about such issues is a very good thing. Also fixes to stuff that should have worked before are always better than new stuff. 🙂

Ghostscript can remove password protection from PDFs:
gs -q -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=unencrypted.pdf -c .setpdfwrite -f encrypted.pdf

Then you could edit it (for example in LibreOffice) and remove unnecessary objects (like black bars on top of text).

Found here: cyberciti.biz/faq/removing-pas

#2311 "Confidence Interval" 

The worst part is that's the millisigma interval.

hey if computers get faster all the time why is a big part of my day waiting for computers

@resist_berlin_ The best way to secure an endpoint is to remove it.

@resist_berlin_ Hast du eine Empfehlung, wo man brauchbare Akkus für ein S4 bestellt?

Bereite gerade ein Update von Imagepipe vor.

Bin begeistert: Projekt hat 33 MB auf der Platte.

Compiliert zur apk hat die Binärdatei 137 kB.


Es zahlt sich eben aus, nur natives Android zu benutzen und auf Fremdbibliotheken zu verzichten.

Das wird auf dem Handy dann auch mit Performance belohnt, weil die App dann natürlich entsprechend schnell lädt.

#android #codeberg #fdroid

OpenTracks v3.7.3 just hit the F-Droid store.
And cadence is finally working - this time with correct computation.


Updated 10: 10.4 released

"The Debian project is pleased to announce the fourth update of its stable distribution Debian 10 (codename "buster"). This point release mainly adds corrections for security issues, along with a few adjustments for serious problems. Security advisories have already been published separately and are referenced where available."


Don't forget to update regularly or install the unattended-upgrades package 😇

K1 wird schon zum professionellen Videokonferenzteilnehmer. Während auf Monitor 1 die Videokonferenz mit dem Klassenlehrer läuft, zockt sie auf Monitor 2 Minecraft. 😃

@resist_berlin_ In that essay he's arguing against majority rule. It's not an original position, and it doesn't exclude federation.

Representative democracy does suck, for the kinds of reasons he mentions. The government here was not even approved by the majorjty and so even in theory it can't claim to represent the majority. Even if most people had voted for it the question of what happens to minorities remains.

2.8 is now finally available from @fdroidorg: f-droid.org/en/packages/eu.sia

(this is the new version that includes voice and video calls)

Cannot wait to try it out when I have a little bit of time 🙂

When Every App Crashes

Today, for about half an hour in the afternoon, pretty much every app that you might try on your iPhone would likely have crashed upon opening it. It's probably worth understanding why, but more importantly, worth understanding what that reality means. And here, I'm addressing people who aren't coders, aren't


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