Wie schaut ihr euch eure gps tracks von auf einem desktop/laptop / an?

We’re happy to announce that our latest software update for #Fairphone 4 users is now available. ✨ You should receive a push notification to automatically update.

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After almost two months of work since the last version we have finally released one of the biggest releases of #Gadgetbridge of all time!
Multiple connected devices at the same time...🚀 Mi Band 5 GPS workout support...🏃‍♂️ Fossil app manager improvements and workout support...⌚, Support for device folders...📂 , Bangle webview app loader...🌐 and there is much more, the changelog is huge... read the blog post and the full list of changes here: blog.freeyourgadget.org/releas

Many thanks to all supporters!

Today, AntennaPod turns a decade old! 🎉 We are
🙏 thankful for the creator, maintainers & all other contributors
🙌 proud of & honored by the tens of thousands of users who chose AntennaPod
💪 eager for the next 10 years of innovation, collaboration & app development!

It was time for another release (v4.0.4):
Newest feature: BLE sensor data is stored even if you are stationary or no GPS
/ distance data is recorded.

Happy updating!

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We’re happy to announce that our latest software update for #Fairphone 4 users is now available. 📲

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What (software) tools do you use to analyse/store/process data that you recorded with ?
How to you export the data?
And what is your purpose?

I want to write some documentation showing which tools are available and how people were putting them together.

For anonymous answers: opentracks-play@dennisguse.de

🚴 #FitTrackee v0.6.7 has been just released, now supporting gpx files with offset in time values.

➡️ Change log: github.com/SamR1/FitTrackee/re

📄 Documentation: samr1.github.io/FitTrackee

@rgmf Do you want to draft the next release?
There should be no showstoppers - I believe this every time :)

@storchp I just produced the first crash since you added the crash reporter to . It is amazing: now it is crashing and telling you why. Amazing!

Just seeing a crash was kind of frustrating beforehand.


In Gedenken an
In memory of
Til minde om
En mémoire de
In memoria di
Ter nagedachtenis aan
Dla uczczenia pamięci
В память о
В пам'ять про

#fairemail my #acrylicpicture

New release: v3.28.0
Nothing fancy: filenames for exports are now configurable and horizontal accuracy is stored (requires at least API26).

The actual fancy thing is that in tomorrows nightly, the new revamped UI is included.
The nightly is available here: fdroid.storchp.de/fdroid/repo?

Actually, this is the first major change in the UI (beside adding features) compared to MyTracks - and it is a great one!

A large bunch of kudos go to @rgmf for taking on this challenge 🥳

New version: v3.27.0

This changes how what we record: after quite some hours we figured that OpenTracks did not respect the minimal recording distance setting completely (usually 2 points were stored instead of one).
This is now fixed and we store less data.

Besides that we can now export/import the GPS accuracy as well as CSV.

Also the time is shown with seconds (e.g., to sync the time with an external camera).

Happy updating!

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