🇺🇸 on request: new "filter intervals" for last_updated/_built/added with my F-Droid repo browser: 3months & 1 year. Should help you concentrate on "living apps".

🇩🇪 auf Wunsch gerade eingebaut: neue "Filter-Intervalle" für hinzugfügt/zuletzt aktualisiert/-erstellt: 3 Monate & 1 Jahr. Hilfreich um sich auf Apps zu konzentrieren, die noch aktiv gepflegt werden.


@dennisguse Simply selecting "F-Droid Main" from the drop-down doesn't work for you? It even works for Archive, not that it's much use there I guess 🤣

@dennisguse Now guess what it shows? Hint: Apps from the F-Droid repo. But if you want such thing directly in the official F-Droid app and on the official website, you need to open issues with the resp. repos, I cannot help with them.

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