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Citizen of the World and Citizen of Nowhere. Australian, now living in France after spending 15 years in Scotland. Former EU citizen, now disenfranchised. Very angry about that.

hacker, working where and overlap. Founded @librecast to build a better rights-enabled Internet with .

Loves , , and .

Posts mostly in English, but be ready for anything.

Lapsed fencer

Trying to beat by shouting at it.

Et pour bien finir le #RIPE84, une notification du RIPE que deux participant·es ont signalé qu'ils avaient été testés positifs au retour :-(


When you wrote this document
I'm sure you thought you were being clear
You were not

Reproducible Builds aims to make it easier to check the source code of free and open source software. You can follow the project at:

➡️ @reproducible_builds

The project's website is at

Reproducible Builds promotes tools and practices to help verify that open source code has not been altered before its distribution.

#ReproducibleBuilds #FOSS #OSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Dev #Security #InfoSec #ComputerSecurity #Computing #Programming

Nothing quite like the feeling of starting a fresh code repo. Unlimited possibilities! Unlimited bugs to create!

The test: setting up a HTTPS site, asking a certificate and revoking it. Then, running a paid ad on it and see how many clients connect.

Answer: around 80 % of clients happily accept the revoked certificate.


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I'm always astonished to hear that someone actually ran `make test` on one of my projects.

Even more astonished to hear when they all pass ;-)


Part of the reason I don't think higher ed will return to "normal" next year is not solely because of students carrying trauma from covid, but their horizons have been seriously limited by brexit. Many are effected by increasing poverty and rising costs. All of them are aware of the impending devastation of climate change.

We stole their futures and gave them to Rupert Murdoch in exchange for bunting and an extra bank holiday.

LibreCast aims to provide a next generation internet with better privacy, more decentralisation, less spam and better energy efficiency by using "multicast". You can follow at:

➡️ @librecast

The website is at

You can see a brief overview on its funding page at

For a clearer explanation of what multicast even means, see the video at

#LibreCast #MultiCast #Internet #Technology #FOSS #Computing #Privacy #Environment #Dev

Giants are all around us in tech. Invention is mostly a matter of finding the right ones, herding them close enough together, and climbing up on their shoulders.

trying to follow this instruction:

talk about the things you love, even if you think nobody cares.

people won't ask for it at least at first, but some of them will care

and it's attractive to see someone talk about the things they love.

let go of the notion that it's worthless if you don't get a minimum number of listeners, reactions, replies.

practice caring publicly about the things you care about.

I think this is a good reminder for me. I never liked being shy anyway

nerdy dream 

Dreamt a moderator was explaining moderation to me. She explained that there were two types of ban command: P and NP.

Someone receiving a P ban would be muted. They could read, but not post, and they'd receive a system message explaining that their actions were a violation of the CoC and they were muted for time T. When the ban ended they were expected to acknowledge the reason for the ban and apologise on channel or risk an NP.

NP bans were immediate and permanent.

The ninth call of NGI Assure opened up on April 1st 2021, with a deadline for submission of June 1st 2022 12:00 CEST(noon).
If you have a project idea to help to secure the @NGIZero has guidance for you

There's still time to submit.

It's better to provide a real-world example understand how dumb the EU's argument for #chatcontrol is.

Their argument is basically that they have to implement client-side checks on all the messaging apps to protect children from abuse.

Besides the sheer absurdity of the implementation of client-side checks for *all* the available apps out there, while not reducing people's privacy and not creating a backdoor that malicious actors will be eager to exploit, and besides the macroscopic contradictions in the EU's position (first they called E2E encryption a civic right, then they push for client-side checks on those E2E-encrypted chats), it's appropriate to provide a real-world example.

Most of the domestic abuse doesn't happen online. It happens within the domestic walls.

If we follow the EU's logic, it's therefore appropriate to push everyone with kids in the EU to install surveillance cameras and mics in their homes (you know, to ensure that they don't abuse their kids). Or maybe keep the doors of their houses open so authorities can immediately intervene in case of abuse.

In other words, is it allowed to drastically lower the bar for privacy and security for everyone for the benefit of a minority, without first considering if there are smarter solutions to solve the problems of that minority? Just to name a few: invite parents to pay more attention to what their kids do online, or establish a European emergency line with specialists immediately within reach in case of reports.

Auspol meta 

Meeting people in rural electorates is such a trip. People growing up in poverty who are lifelong Libs voters.

Then they talk about how awful it is that social wealth is low, how support services are largely decorative, how education + environment are critical issues to them.

You think that being unemployed shouldn’t mean starving to death? Surprise! You’re left wing.

“I’m not a leftie or anything, I just don’t think that mining companies should be allowed to literally kill us.” you say.

Congrats! You should be voting Greens ⚠️🌏🌱

Citizen of the World and Citizen of Nowhere. Australian, now living in France after spending 15 years in Scotland. Former EU citizen, now disenfranchised. Very angry about that.

hacker, working where and overlap. Founded @librecast to build a better rights-enabled Internet with .

Loves , , and .

Posts mostly in English, but be ready for anything.

Lapsed fencer

Trying to beat by shouting at it.

Weekend forecast: warm, partly cloudy, chance of storms and high probability of file syncing code being released.

Le patron des chasseurs conseille aux promeneurs de pratiquer leur loisir chez eux. Chiche, il fait pareil ?

#chasseurs #WillySchraen #GriseBouillePresse

I fixed a bug and I liked it
Now I've git cherry-pick'ed it
I fixed a bug just to try it
I hope the main branch don't mind it

brainstorming in public 

What would it take to actually win? I don't mean tread water and hold ground. I mean win. A future-proof free and open net, available to all.

I think OCAP is key. It's the only security model based on what is technically possible not on hype.

I think the IoT stuff that the folks behind the German covid trackers are working on is key, and I should get in touch with them again when I have the bandwidth. They're good at pushing privacy respecting design.

Governments that still have a stake in privacy and rights are key. Meaning not the usa, uk, nz, australia, etc...

Local-first and offline-first are a must; networks overall come and go but the net must in each locale go on. Whether by wires or by USB drives or by Bluetooth fistbumps in the hall.

Likewise old hardware support; obsolescence is for the employed.

A new data model, a new model of what a computer is and does and is for. A computer is for the user. Bring out your Tron memes, they're not ready to go on the cart. We're close to it with this exocortex / second brain talk, but take it a step further. Align in service to that.

Games can do it. Have done it. Remember Ingress? We should have taken that more seriously. But what does it look like in service to the user, end data holder first.

What does it look like when the only data sent is what you choose to send. When you can capability scope that to who needs to have it. When you control what runs on your device. What does that look like. Because it's glorious, and not out of reach.

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