Baffles me that the same tech people who will run their own Mastodon instance or play with IoT devices for fun don't manage to run their own email services and rely on US cloud services like Gmail.

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@dentangle Running your own email server is _hard_ and risky. Playing with some service for fun is because if the service is down or you loose all your data it's not a big deal, but if your email server is down or you loose all your emails you have a big problem.

@blit32 I think it's perceived to be harder than it really is. There's so much information out there on blogs etc that's completely wrong, which doesn't help. A whole mythology seems to have developed around what it takes to get email accepted by big providers, most of which is bollocks.

@dentangle Yes there is the issue of setting up stuff like DKIM and SPF records. The other part is the day-to-day maintenance that you have to put into it. For example not too long ago I upgraded my servers and botched the TLS config for IMAP, figuring out what was wrong and how to fix was a couple-hour-long take and technically my IMAP service was down for a day. Thankfully I am the user and could handle it, but if SMTP was down for a day it would have been an issue.

@dentangle Fun / low impact if it goes wrong versus more of a pain if email goes wrong?

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