Thought the milkman forgot to deliver eggs. Nope, looks like foxes stole them! 🦊🥚

@popey Milkman? Foxes? Eggs delivered? Where in the 1940s are you?

@dentangle What can I say. Glass bottles filled with delicious milk or juice, freshly delivered to my doorstep three times a week. What's not to love. 😍
(Bastard foxes)

@popey @dentangle we get our milk delivered too. People that don’t think twice about getting groceries or takeaway delivered find it odd we get our milk delivered!


@Luke @popey I would if it was an option where we live, but it's a long time since I've heard of it. My grandparents used to get milk delivered, and ~15 years ago there was a fellow who erratically delivered to my office, but it's just not so common any more, sadly.

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