There's a SeaGL organizing meeting tonight (Mon) at 17:00 Seattle time (UTC-7)

Please join us if you'd like to help produce a great community run #FLOSSconference

Hop into #SeaGL on Freenode to say hi

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Lots of people rightly getting upset about Google's FLoC. However, if you care about privacy you probably disabled 3rd party cookies a decade ago, no?

@onepict @bob @greenpete Indeed.

Imagine you are a US spy agency. You know that one of the most common responses to DDoS attacks is to move to Cloudflare, a US company that can be intercepted/subpoened domestically. Would you not want to encourage more foreign infra to move to Cloudflare, potentially even by quietly organising a few DDoS attacks against interesting targets? Not all will move, but some will, and your job just got a bit easier.

Soon you have banks, political parties, RIPE etc...

@ArneBab @schmittlauch @dukeofpearldiving We made a project announcement about our license. I've explained why - I don't intend to argue about it. Not sure why you're pushing this. "Or any later version" gives FSF control over future versions of the licence, and we do not wish to allow that. Feel free to do whatever you wish with your own projects.

@ArneBab @schmittlauch @dukeofpearldiving Interesting - I didn't realise MPL had that clause.

Regardless, we're dropping "or any later" version, not because we think a GPL4 might be bad, but because we can't be associated with the FSF while they endorse an individual who violates our COC.

@wago We've discussed that, and are likely to make it available under both GPL2 and GPL3 at some point soon, but the purpose of the change was to disconnect our project from FSF, not to change license at this time.

@ArneBab @schmittlauch @dukeofpearldiving Which license, other than the GPL, has any kind of update mechanism at all, or managing authority? None of the permissive licenses in common use do: BSD2/3, MIT, ISC etc. It's a useful feature for a complex license like copyleft, but afaik GPL is the only one to have this feature.

@schmittlauch @dukeofpearldiving Other than *GPL, do any other licenses encourage a similar "or any later version" with trust in a 3rd party? I can't think of any.

For simple "permissive" licenses, I guess there's not much point. For a complex license like copyleft it makes some sense to have a method for updating it, but we need to be careful choosing who to trust with it. @conservancy is probably the best equipped.

@schmittlauch @dukeofpearldiving Aye, that used to be what the debate was about, but no longer. "Or any later version" gives power to the FSF and we cannot support that organisation while they publicly endorse behavour that is against our Code of Conduct.

@klaatu Yes, and thanks for mentioning it. Not looking to change licenses though, just ditching the "or any later version" part that gives FSF licensing control. The GPL is still relevant, even if the FSF, sadly, are not.

@dukeofpearldiving Sure - BSD is great as a developer - means you can take someones BSD code and do whatever you want, including make a closed proprietary product with it. (hello Apple).

Not so great for end-user freedom, which is why copyleft was invented.

We're sticking with the GPL, but removing the "or any later version" part that gives control to the FSF.

In light of today's announcement from FSF, Librecast and all other GPL code I maintain will be dropping "or any later version" from the license.

I still believe GPL and strong copyleft are the best way to maximise freedom for downstream users, but FSF are not appropriate stewards for our community.

In case you were wondering who to support in FLOSS internationally if you feel very let down today.
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Looking to invest your money or time in free and open source software? Checkout:

- Software Freedom Conservancy (@conservancy)

- Open Source Initiative (@OpenSourceOrg)


Very sad to learn that RIPE are now using Cloudflare. Yet another critical piece of infrastructure is under the control of a US company, and thus the US govt.

I voiced my objection when I was asked for feedback and am told it is an emergency response to DDoS attacks, but they are considering keeping it in place. Cloudflare can now issue TLS certs on behalf of RIPE.

Cloudflare can and do have outages, and the last one was catastrophic:

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