just cloud things: IPs of a cloud VM hosted very much within europe are geolocated to india. in an allocation that has been split last summer, maybe earlier.

Hatte heute fast meinen ersten Fahrradunfall diesen Herbst wegen miserabler Radwege und noch schlechterem Reinigungsverhalten der Stadt. Wird wohl wieder Zeit für eine temporäre Dauerkarte im ÖPNV.

Meine Uhr ist stehen geblieben. Die in der Statusleiste meines Telefons.

ejabberd refuses to start after an update. guess i'll kill that unused service too, then. 🤷

today something amazing happened to me. then i woke up.

dinge die ich heute eigentlich nicht hatte tun wollen: server debuggen weil bei hetzner die racksicherung geflogen ist.

"These are the pills I have to take so I don't die. And *these* are the pills I have to take so that the pills I take to not die do not kill me."

cdist is the Arch of configuration management: the essentials are there, it's easy once you get into it, but elements help you if you don't want to write everything interesting on your own.

runs laps around ansible, too. me likey.

i wrote a blog post about how i locked a service down with systemd and a few util-linux tools. As it turns out, it's surprisingly easy to think about, but rather involved to implement fully.


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Gave up on waiting for the doc to find two minutes to talk to me. Going for the classic "if I *do* keel over *someone* will notice"-approach instead.

ich bin immer wieder beeindruckt davon wie viele youtube-videos auf 150% play speed eher mehr als weniger genießbar sind.

don't rely on centralized data-collecting services for ssl test, use testssl.sh (github.com/drwetter/testssl.sh) instead. also supports alls kinds of protocols and ports that are not HTTP!

cdist manifest get! that'll install nginx, letsencrypt, certificates, riot, synapse, sandbox and firewall it all. only took like a week to get here.

has anyone set up a server and has some tips on how to do that?

wrote cdist types sandboxing with systemd, default shell replacement, and a full ACME cert manager. this is surprisingly painless, maybe even fun.

(contrast to ansible, which made me eat my toes for even the simplest type interaction cdist offers)

i am really liking cdist. so much faster than ansible, both to execute and to write working descriptions of infrastructure. at my scale and current level of boredness, anyway.

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