@seedlingattempt it's roughly half of the current price of the phone :/
that guide replaces the entire display part, not just the glass
but apparently that's how everyone is doing it

@Vyen I've seen people do some real cool stuff and separate the screen from the glass youtube.com/watch?v=QihHRuY2xB
I wouldn't trust myself to do it though.

I broke my phone's display glass cover. The touchscreen is still functional, and the display still works. Switching out the whole display is expensive, but I can not find any service that only changes the glass. What are your experiences, should I attempt to find the parts and fix it myself, is there a service you recommend?
This is a google pixel 4a and I'm located in southern germany.

@shahaan i had a black tea with coffee flavour for a while do I win?

Food, cooking 

My Sibling and I made paaaaaaancakes! That was really fun (and tasted good), we are definitely gonna do this again

medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

@nisima as amab trans woman who does diy hrt I do not recommend having both E and T in your system, I was super easy to overwhelm and anything that required much focus was a problem. That was probably also related to other issues, but since I started taking blockers I have been doing much better

@leah oh neat, I usually called it *hostility before, "homohostility" always made me giggle, it sounds as silly as it is stupid

Youtube video, consensual tasing 

This is so cathartic to watch, makes me very happy



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