I'm really split about mask usage.

Daily new infections & active cases seem to be going down despite mask mandates being phased out.

Almost everyone had their chance of getting vaccinated by now and since Covid-19 is endemic, everyone will get it at some point but thanks to vaccines you're less likely to die from it. Then there's the uncertainty about the risk of long covid symptoms.

I also get that trust in the governemt(s) is at a new low right now.


What am I missing? I welcome new perspectives on this.

When would be the right time to stop wearing masks?

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I'm fully aware that there are vulnerable groups and that not all kids have been vaccinated yet.

Do we know how long it would take until *everyone* would've had their chance to get vaccinated?

I'm not advocating for social darwinism here and the vulnerable shouldn't be put in harms way for the sake of comfort.

If I go into a big store I'll wear a mask, I'll continue wearing it in public transport for now but I just don't see the need to wear it in a small café where no one's wearing a mask unless I'd be aware of some previous high-risk contact - but then I wouldn't enter a café anyways.

@dictvm We might definitely live in different places, so the mileage may vary. I relate a lot with your thought and I would focus more on the vaccination instead.

@dictvm To add on this, masks can be voluntary. Each one will have its experience with them and definitely it isn't a beautiful thing to use when working on a store, for example. I would still use it, but that is my thought.

Now, vaccination is way more important. Since I started vaccinating against influenza each year, the rainy season became tolerable. I believe it is way more effective than relying solely on mask usage.

@dictvm tolerance for them is understandably super low (among those that understand their utility i mostly mean). My guidance would be wear it as much as your mental health allows…mileage per-person will continue to vary. Wearing it can help others choose to do the same.

@specter@eattherich.club @dictvm@chaos.social masks have a lot of utility: keeping your face warm, reducing allergy symptoms, protecting from common airborne pathogens. it was made into a covid thing and a big deal, but its just normal now 🙂

@xjix @specter but it's summer, my face is already warm. I have cats and a really minor cat hair allergy so I often have a tiny hair in my nose from the mask. Apart from the flu/cold/covid19 we don't have that many pathogens flying around right now.

I'll definitely keep a package of masks lying around for flu/cold seasons in the future and I imagine that there might be a new strain in autumn that might lead to new mandates & possibly lockdowns.

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