$149. Not an estimate, it's the set price and will not be changing.

@PINE64 oh awesome! where are you shipping from? do I need to expect high shipping costs when I order to germany?

@digital shipping the current developer-only batch would have cost you 15$. You still need to add import tax though, which in Germany should be 19% (theoretically shipping is taxed too, but they won't know the shipping cost if it's not printed onto the package it seems).

@PINE64 can you accept wire transfers too or paypal only?

#pine64 #pinephone

@utf8equalsX @digital To me it appears it is PayPal only, but you could email sales@pine64.org and ask.

@utf8equalsX @PINE64 hopefully they are right and there's some other method than #PayPal - as i'd really like to get one if it, but won't open a Paypal-Account just for the sake of buying a #PinePhone.

@rwa @PINE64 Of course they are! This is what they wrote me:

> We accept wire transfer. However, customer have to pay in full amount when we received. That means when setting the fund has to add the bank wiring fee.

Furthermore, they "will assist customers who have special request" via email.

Their English looks a little unprofessional, though *shiver*

#pinephone #paypal #pine64

@utf8equalsX @rwa

Most of the sales team aren't native English speakers. But at least you have me, who is! 😋

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