okay wtf is mastodon doing that it makes my browser send new notifications without the page being open

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@digital Web push makes it possible for webpages to get push notifications even when they're not open (if you allow it)

@vurpo oh wow, TIL

huh so when I allow a website to show notifications on my desktop it also takes that as consent to connect to the public internet in the background, even after I close the page... >.<

@digital I think it connects to your browser vendor's server to do it (so in Firefox it would connect to a Mozilla server to receive notifications while the page is closed), at least that's how I seem to remember it

@digital Falls du dem Zugestimmt hast, passiert dies auch im Hintergrund.

Komisch war es nur bei meinem Matrix weil selbst wenn das kein Fenster hat macht es Geräusche

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