Looking for beginner friendly resources on things like ssh, environment variables, ports, virtualization and so on. Basically all the knowledge that you need to make your first program run somewhere (or something like that)

@digital like an average (linux-based) server let's say


@lislis while not a generally applicable guide, uberspace.de is a good cheap first hosting provider and has documentation at manual.uberspace.de/

os docs for init system maybe?

don't really know anything else that's not easily searchable on ddg

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@digital yeah when I think about where I learned that stuff it was usually from other people while sitting together during some kind of event 🤔

@digital which is is kind of funny when I think about it. Like we learn from our elders or something XD

@lislis @digital
"Oh wise elder, tell me your secret!"
"I teach you my secrets" *enter stackoverflow in the url bar*

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