And that's what the finished sandwiches look like


Two lunch meals for school coming right up!

The price for a single FFP2 masks get higher the more you buy! How much do you want to pay?

Single mask for 0.88€ (reduced from 0.99€)
3 pack with 2.00€ per mask
10 pack with 2.00€ per mask (reduced from 2.50€)

The school is so empty... I'm only half an hour early.

this plot shows the same function, but written in these two different ways. why does f(x) not get drawn properly?

f(x) = (1/8) * (x ** 3) - (3/8) * (x **2)

g(x) = (x ** 3) /8 - 3 *(x ** 2) / 8

`touch solar-system/neptune/{despina,galatea,halimede,hippocamp,laomedeia,larissa,naiad,nereid,neso,proteus,psamathe,sao,thalassa,triton}`

what the actual fuck phabricator?
is this sarcasm? if it is it's in the wrong place.

>After you set a new password, consider writing it down on a sticky note and attaching it to your monitor so you don't forget again! Choosing a very short, easy-to-remember password like "cat" or "1234" might also help. – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community