bin jetzt auf der Heimfahrt im ICE 1572, habe die echt genossen und freu mich auf nächstes Jahr. Ich bin dankbar, dass ich in der Gesellschaft so vieler normaler Menschen/Wesen sein durfte!

there is a merch exchange over at ! yay!
for example I have a Hoodie M fitted and need a Hoodie L fitted.

I have arrived at ! I'm wearing jeans shorts, a black [matrix] shirt, glasses and I have longer hair with a side cut. I either run around somewhere or sit in the quiet hackspace under the monitors in front of the mint bar.

are there any christians attending ? please talk to me! ^-^

does anyone want to pass on some inline skating expertise at the ? I have questions!

ohai! I haven't been active in a while but now I'm back (at least for the duration of the )! HYPE feel free to message me, I want to meet you! <3 – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community