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Apologies for the 600+ users still on #weechat @ freenode, the channel has been "stolen" by the new hostile admins, after 18 years of presence. "Thank you for using freenode" they say…
You are welcome as soon as possible on!

@lislis while not a generally applicable guide, is a good cheap first hosting provider and has documentation at

os docs for init system maybe?

don't really know anything else that's not easily searchable on ddg

@vurpo oh wow, TIL

huh so when I allow a website to show notifications on my desktop it also takes that as consent to connect to the public internet in the background, even after I close the page... >.<

okay wtf is mastodon doing that it makes my browser send new notifications without the page being open

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Sprache, Geschlecht, kontroverse Meinungen 

@schratze danke, ich mag deine Ansichten und stimme dir da zu.

Sprache, Geschlecht, kontroverse Meinungen 

@schratze was magst du bei den letzten beiden Punkten nicht?

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Ich suche einen in der in . Ich kann , und möchte im bleiben. , wäre auch super.
Der Arbeitgeber muss offen sein.

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computer-generated blood imagery 

#MaterialMaker is a #FOSS alternative to #SubstanceDesigner. Reclaim your freedom - dump #Adobe! Here's a fully procedural bloodstain I made with Material Maker today:
This is a fantastic tool both for #GameDev and other #Art.

suche Hilfe für Argumentation gegen Sexismus, boost okay 

@esthi danke, werde ich mir anhören

@sophie hat bestimmt gute Integration mit Microsofteis und Microsaft!

@aurora Warum ist "ihm/ihr" ungünstig? Weil das nur zwei Geschlechter sind?

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new escape room: you are in bed and it's warm and cosy
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