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asking trans people "if gender isn't real, why do you want to be the other gender so bad" is like asking people "if rent shouldn't exist, why do you want rent control so badly": because we live in a society that violently enforces gender, and that makes it real. asking trans people, and only them, to pretend like gender doesn't matter, while everyone around us keeps hurting us for it, isn't fair. it's like asking tenants to not give a shit about rent while their landlord is trying to evict them.

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probably my most hottest take 

@theotheroracle sue me OwO

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My brain: Ohno reality is trying to larp Kafka

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Der Ausbau des Radwegenetzes in Deutschland schreitet voran. (Symbolfoto)

(Quelle: Internet. Ort unbekannt)

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Food, cooking 

My Sibling and I made paaaaaaancakes! That was really fun (and tasted good), we are definitely gonna do this again

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The Tor FUD cycle:

1. People see headline about bad Tor relays
2. People don't read article, just boost
3. People stop using Tor
4. Random people start posting "Isn't Tor compromised??"
5. Even though original article mentions that the bad relays were removed at the bottom, less people use Tor because of the FUD headline and traffic correlation attacks on the Tor network become easier for the original threat actor running bad relays their next attempt. Creeping closer and closer to actually being effective.

Don't let the network fall to this! :tor: forever!!

Anyways if you have a machine with good internet you don't use too much, run a Tor relay! Doesn't have to be an exit relay to make a difference, either (so no potential legal issues from your ISP)! You can get free swag from the tor project :)

Or you can donate to help run relays too!

shitpost, medication 

@fr2 what are they?

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Meds, HRT 

Hi, ich brauche mal eure Hilfe für ein trans* Menschie:

Wer kennt Endos/Gyns im Raum Hamburg/Flensburg/Bremen die eine DIY-HRT fortsetzen würden?

Boosts sind erwünscht.

Danke :rainbow_heart: !

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Wenn ich euch da mal helfen darf im #Koalitionsvertrag S.114, #SPD, #Grüne, #FDP:

Es gibt mehr als zwei Geschlechter. Und #NichtBinäre kommen bisher gerade mal _in_ den Sternchen vor.

Und das bitte auch beachten auf S 119f

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job, Berlin, IT WoC 

Weitergabe einer Anfrage:

"Mein Name ist Lana und ich bin die Projektreferentin von BIWOC* Rising (der intersektionale Coworking und Social Club in Berlin). Wir sind auf der Suche nach eine IT Frau of Color die uns beim setting von server und andere IT Bedürfnisse unterstützen kann."

DM an mich für Direktkontakt zu Lana, oder nutz


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Vermisstenanzeige, CSD Bielefeld 

Nach dem CSD in Bielefeld ist wohl eine 15-Jährige vermisst:

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